, a new website devoted to exploring BDSM, interviewed Master K in October, discussing his background, his approach to kinbaku, and his involvement with LA Rope.

Master K reflects on the current state of kinbaku in the US, the psychology of rope bottoms and getting started learning kinbaku.  From the interview:

I think people who, at an early age, suddenly realize they have an interest in any kind of “fringe” or “counter culture” activity have two reactions/questions. The first is, “Am I doing something wrong? Is there something odd or strange about me or my interest?” The second reaction/question is, “How can I learn more about this to see if it’s right for me?” -Master K

See his tips on learning kinbaku and more!

Read the full interview here

About kinkweekly: Kink Weekly is an online magazine for those interested in BDSM, no matter your orientation, role or identity. It is updated each week with articles, photography, erotic writing and reviews about all things kinky. We started the web site to provide a source of curated, educational and informative content both for those new to exploring the scene as well as long time veterans.

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Founded in 2011, the LA Rope Dojo is dedicated to providing safe and traditional training in the Japanese art of kinbaku. We offer regular classes, workshops, intensives, and events to help build the LA rope and kinbaku community. We have brought Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki and rope master Akira Naka to Los Angeles to offer seminars and workshops.


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