The latest video from Megan Thee Stallion features rope by LA Rope. Well, not “rope” exactly. Tied with red surgical tubing and suspended inside a translucent egg, it was a day filled with fun, challenges, and some extremely creative ties.

From the studio press release:

The visually captivating music video serves as a sequel to ‘Cobra’ released in
November of last year, which Douglas also directed. ‘Hiss’ features Megan’s
powerful alter-ego, Tina Snow, and conveys metamorphosis through symbolic set
design and alignment with the powerful lyrics.

Symmetry is a key element in ‘Hiss’, emphasising the duality between Megan and
Tina. This thematic divide is evident in a camera split effect of the pair, achieved
through consciously crafted hair and makeup, cinematography and editing. The
video also leans into VFX and technical camera work, such as a facing a mirrored
room reflecting both of her personas back to the audience.

Douglas once again showcases his ability to seamlessly blend cultural nuances
with striking storytelling. Douglas consulted with Shibari experts, inspired by
Japanese pop culture, and referenced the cult anime film Perfect Blue, which
explores the difference between persona and true self.

‘Hiss’ is the latest solo release from Megan through Hot Girl Productions – the
artist’s independent music and entertainment entity.


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