maniac4LA Rope was very pleased to be on set with Jhene Aiko and photographer Steven Taylor for the shoot of her music video “Maniac.”  It was a fun (but long) day working with her team to get just the right look for the shoot.  In an interview for Billboard magazine, Jhene explained her inspiration:

The concept is this art form of Japanese bondage called shibari. It’s something I saw years ago that really just caught my eye because I felt like it just looked like art. This is something that the Japanese do and it’s decorative tying. They do it for sensual purposes too but it’s a true art form. I have this a kinky spirit sometimes. [Laughs] If something looks a little painful, then I’m like, ‘Yeah, I wanna try that.’

She was tied for most of the day without any complaints (though is was a challenge keeping everything together over an 8 hour shoot!).

It is exciting seeing shibari and kinbaku not only embraced by those in the artistic community, but also those with an interest in making it a part of human sexual expression.

Check out the full interview with Jhene here.

Here is a preview of the video:

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